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say he will be disciplined under the city schools code of conduct. an unidentified man was found shot inside a taxicab after an incident in east baltimore tonight. city police responded to the area of north central avenue and east preston street around 8:40. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening. there is no word yet on a possible suspect or motive. >> an active duty member of the u.s. navy was fatally shot last night in southwest baltimore. family members say that alonso gladden and his younger brother were unloading groceries for their grandmother when two men approached and someone opened fire before escaping in a dark vehicle. police have no motive or suspects at this time. family members described alonso as the smart one in the family who just had a promotion in the navy. they are understandably heartbroken. >> he made it out of the hood, did something good and came back to the united states for this? he did not deserve any of this at all. >> police are urging anyone with any information about this crime to call the homicide unit. metro crimestoppers is also offering a $
that bring it on shore monday night or tuesday morning around new york city. 2 bring it down around atlantic city. my guess is it will come in somewhere in between. if any comes to their vacation, we will miss the worst part of the storm which means we will not a big storm surge at the chesapeake bay. we will still be in the storm, though. that means flooding is possible on monday. five or 6 inches. heavy rain continued into tuesday but it will continue to be much colder. in the 40's. even some snow in western maryland. i will talk more about in a few minutes. >> right now is the time to prepare for a storm like hurricane sandy, a residence in maryland are gathering everything they need. >> door is live in cells -- fells point. >> we are one of three locations in flooding area. another big threat with storms like these are power outages. for many people, the question tonight is where can i find a generator? >> wow. >> susan is like millions of us on the east coast this weekend. stocking up for sandy. >> plenty of canned food. tour licht paper. t paper. i did want to be prepared. there are a
the baltimore city police officers are on suspension after the death of a man in police custody. the medical examiner determined that anthony anderson died of blunt force trauma. his family is calling for murder charges against the police officers who arrested him shortly before he died. we are live a police headquarters with the latest. >> the autopsy concluded that anthony anderson died a violent death, suffering blunt force trauma including broken ribs and a ruptured spleen. his death was ruled a homicide which technically means death at the hands of another person. local activists and relatives of anthony anderson rallied to call for murder charges against three police officers who arrested him on the timber 21st. >> we are calling for murder charges. we are calling for these officers to be fired. an end to their paid vacation at the taxpayers' expense. >> anthony anderson and counted the officers on this make it lot. detectives assigned to the violent crime section reported they moved in to arrest him after they caught him in a drug deal. >> the observed with the expected -- suspected t
track hurricane sandy headed this way. >> live in ocean city, we are definitely starting to feel the effects of sandy, even though she is not near the coast yet. i will have a live report coming up your request a state of emergency in queen anne's county and military equipment is also in place. >> are you ready for hurricane sandy? details straight ahead. >> sandy continues to creep up the coast and will soon turn to the jersey shore. we will have the latest from new jersey coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> if you have not already, i would say, in the next few hours, in the next four hours to five hours, those are your last chance to get ready for the storm appeared >> potentially unprecedented weather event that will again tonight and could extend through midday on tuesday. >> the unique part of the storm is unlike any other storm have seen in 20 years of office. the back end of this storm is cold and snow. >> we are urging all citizens to hunker down at home and stay off the r
city area. there have been numerous report s of hurricane-forces. you can see here on our doppler radar. near oakland there is thunder snow. it is enhancing the lift just like an uplift in a thunderstorm. in the cold air it is thunder snow and torrential rains falling out of those rain bands. the rain may be tapering off a little bit closer to the center. kind of like the eye of the storm where the rain and winds taper off. you may be experiencing a little bit of a lull. don't let your guard down. the rain may increase overnight into the morning as well. it may feel like things are winding down a little bit there in the northern tier, sitting right in here as you get towards the center of the storm but all of this is going to wrap back around. let's switch our view and show you to way this storm comes inland from off the ocean as category-1 hurricane slams into atlantic city with 85-mile-an-hour winds and by 8:00 this evening and now it is making progress to the west bringing all of that moisture and wind inland. it is expected to turn to the north. it is moving west. it is expected to
. >> preparations are under way for the fans and city and camden yards. and we are live with more how o's magic has taken hold. >> less than 24 hours, baltimore bars and restaurants will be packed and camden yards will be packed and the field has president looked this good in, well, 15 yards. camden is getting dressed up. the buntings are all around. major league baseball's post-season sign was painted on the grass and shows up. national television crews are setting up additional cameras on the upper and lower decks allowing viewers at home to see more angles of the game. all this preparation started just hours after fans went crazy following friday night's win. by saturday, it was still the talk of the town. >> good thing for the city. we were out last night and everybody was going wild. haven't seen the city this pumped up since the ravens' games. >> this design shop worked all night to print the new playoff victory t-shirts and get them on the racks for eager fans. >> we knew it was going to be crazy. we opened at 8:00 and probably going to stay late. >> bars and restaurants begun setting up bar
with information is urged to call the city police the police are trying to figure out the circumstances found in a body. the body was discovered around 3 this afternoon inside the bathroom of the restaurant. the authorities shut down the lobby during the investigation. it is unclear how the person died. baltimore county police and fire officials are investigating the case of arson. a female firefighter fell to the first floor battling the flames investigators say they found a key points of origin where the fire started and say that an accelerant was used to spread the fire. the home was burglarized before it was set on fire. the person or persons responsible stole a television, and a dvd player, and then took off with the 2006 luxury suv 4 584m126 is the license plate. if you have any information, you can call the police at the county hot line. in ocean city, firefighters battle a to alarm fire at a restaurant that shut down route 50 in both directions. this happened just before 7:00 in west ocean city. officials say they encountered heavy flames. people were inside at the time of the fire, b
on medical alert. in west baltimore, tv revenues. >> we have learned a city police officer will not be terse criminally in the case of an accidental shooting that resulted in the death of a 13- year-old girl. no charges will be filed citing insufficient evidence. a rival connected to the case was found in his personal vehicle. he was accidentally shot by two young black jeans back in march and her body was hidden under trash bags. he now faces an internal affairs investigation to decide if he will face disciplinary action within the department. he remains suspended with pay. >> investigating a homicide in northeast baltimore, investigators responding to the 600 block just before 9:30 last night or that found a man lying in the street where he died in a hospital. police are continuing to look for clues in the death of a teenage girl. she was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head sunday night in northwest baltimore. she had been reported missing since march. a family member indicated that she had been experiencing problems. >> sometimes as little girls, we go through things, but that is
. baltimore city police say that two officers tried to break up an altercation on the sidelines. the officers requested back up. they tried to separate the two teams. lawrence wilkens, known as a volunteer, pushed and shoved staff members and punched a been franklin player in the head, though he was wearing a helmet at the time. one shot was taken to the hospital. police spoke with the parents of another student who claims their job was punched in the face by wilkins. he faces several charges, including three counts of second-degree assault. >> 41 suspected gang members and drug dealers are off the streets following a massive wiretap investigation in harford county. look at what the county sheriff's office was able to seize as part of the investigation. cocaine, marijuana, heroin with a combined street value of $680,000. that is on top of 118th thousand dollars in cash. -- $118,000 in cash. 29-year-old justin gorham is behind bars and charged with kidnapping, assault, and use of a firearm. according to police, he was in an argument over $2,000. we are told the fight escalated and gorham put t
a developing story of a baltimore city, where police are investigating the shooting of a teenager. police said 15-year-old male was found suffering a gunshot wound to his leg just after 7:00 close to john hopkins hospital. investigators say the injury is not considered life-threatening. there is no word on a motive or an arrest in this case. >> of commerce city police believe they have a break in the murder of a federal researcher. investigators revealed crime camera footage in the hope of singling out to young men who may be able to shed some light on the death of dr. peter marvit. kerry cavanaugh has the latest. >> tonight police showed surveillance that shows two young men in same area where dr. peter marvit was gunned down last month. they are hopeful it will help break the case. the surveillance photos to men's sprinting down chesterfield avenue on september 17. according to police, this was the only sign of life on the street as dr. peter marvit lay dying. >> we are calling them persons of interest right now. >> investigators believe the men could help unravel what happened to marvit, a
trip up here. getting to see the city a little bit. being here, has been awesome so far reflects i love it. at him appear when the caps play the rangers. >> the yankee stadium was not the only place to catch the game. we went down to union square in manhattan to sidebar, traditionally a ravens bar turned orioles are tonight. -- bar tonight. >> i sent an e-mail to all my ravens fans. time dissent -- change the purple to the orange. >> i love coming here every sunday. it is nice to get baltimore high school friends together and share for the game. when the orioles game in baltimore on sunday night. i tomorrow night. -- went to the orioles game in baltimore on sunday night. going tomorrow night. >> top of the tall. the orioles have the counts. one ball, zero strikes, zero outs. folks are asking with the atmosphere is like. for pretty much the entire game, it was a vantage orioles fans. some innings you could hear a pin drop. that is until the ninth inning. we are hoping for a victory tonight. hopefully some smiles small morning. live in the bronx. >> thank you. while the orioles are roughl
that fell in western maryland to the flooding in parts of ocean city and delaware, sandy definitely laughter market she made landfall. low-lying areas to run the baltimore metro area, people had to wade through their property to assess the damage. people in wilson's. are seeing flooding in their neighborhood but they are glad the storm system was not as bad as isabel was. >> compared to isabel, this is a piece of cake. >> compared to isabel, this is mild. this is nothing. >> the choppy waves of the bay were another reminder that sandy had passed through the area. i had the opportunity to ride around the bay with the coast guard this afternoon as a search for damage and debris. we have not seen any recreational boats out on the water today and the coast guard says that is a good thing because floating debris could present a danger to drivers. >> we tell everybody to stay away from the water until all of this passes and we get most of the debris cleared out and until it can be set to go out on the water again. >> you are taking a life looked at this intersection in fells point. this area was b
the information you should know. >> the deadline -- margaret is a baltimore city homeowner but she has no idea about the homestead tax credit and the fact that currently saves her a lot of money on her property taxes. >> i never heard of this. not at all. >> board has until december 31 to fill out an application so she will continue to receive her credit. baltimore city council members say she is not the only one in danger of missing out. >> baltimore city, there are 25,000 people, households which are receiving homestead tax credits today that have not yet applied to receive them in the future. correct the homestead tax credit establishes a cap on how much property owners taxes can increase from year to year in the state of maryland. in baltimore city, for example, the cap has been set at 4% and has been automatic, but accusations of fraud sparked the legislature to change the rules. now all homeowners must apply for the credit. ever savings in baltimore city is $1,060. >> if you are a pastor a church or a teacher at school, send this message out. make sure that your congregation, that your p
treated for non life- threatening injuries at the hospital and have been released. city officials are urging anyone who does not have smoke detectors in their home to call 311. >> three more city firefighters are recovering tonight after fire in self these baltimore. investigators said the fire broke out in the basement of a home of around 3:00 this morning. firefighter suffered burns to their hands and faces and are listed in stable condition. there is no word on exactly what sparked that fire. >> baltimore city police are searching for a suspect after a shooting in northeast baltimore. investigators say a man had been shot multiple times just after 5:30 this evening on north charles street. at last check, that victim is in critical condition. there is no word on a motive. >> coming up, protecting some of baltimore's top officials, but at what cost? how some six children -- some state children's parents are not having to leave the hospital ward. >> we will check out the forecast. right now we are down to 45 at right now we are down to 45 at >> former maryland lawmaker clarence --
. >> i have been an orioles fan as long as i can remember. >> i want them to know the city has their back, win or lose. they did a good job this year. >> it is their way of saying thank you to the team after making baseball relevant again in baltimore, by bringing back post season play after a 15-year drought. >> people were staying up late for the extra innings. it was really exciting. it was the best feeling in the world. >> the orioles trip ended friday night after a 3-1 lost to the yankees in a do-or-die game in new york. despite the disappointing loss -- >> [cheering] >> hundreds of fans lined camden yard to welcome the orioles back. fans packed popular restaurants and bars. bar manager say the orioles' winning season was a home run for their bottom line. >> we are very thankful for the extra revenue. it is something where again we would not normally have this opportunity. it only builds more excitement and more interest for opening day next april. >> and i will make a point to deliver this thank you card to the orioles' organization. fans are hoping that camden yard next year will b
've been to a lot of games. i love seeing them win. >> it was amazing. this city loves baseball. it doesn't make much. but when the o's are good, the city just goes crazy. >> and businesses, it's been an economic boost. they serve plenty of fans who support not only the orioles but the ravens as well. >> it's an added bonus in a town where normally we would be down but it's great for the city and the fans and certainly great for me. >> and of course we talked believe the orioles will break the tie with the yankees for first place in the american league east. >> thank you. right now we are tracking a very big blaze in odenton. nearly 23 families looking for a place to stay after their apartment building caught fire. officials tell us that nobody was injured. the red cross on the screen trying to help all the families that had to be evacuated providing emergency shelter there. >> when i came over i saw the explosion and the flames coming from the upper level and the fire was explosive. it started going across. people have lost a lot. no one lost lives here. >> fire crews are not giving an e
baltimore city police that they are vested getting impossible of the action of a female mayor druid park. there is no word on whether she was robbed. city police say they are not sure of this incident is related to either of those cases. >> in baltimore city high school student is an unstable condition after he was stabbed at heritage high school. a person was taken into question after the stabbing which is located on the formal lake clifton campus. happened about 11:00 this morning. the victim was taken to hospital after receiving treatment from the school nurse. officials say appropriate consequences will be carried out in accordance with the student discipline cold -- code. it taught nearly drowned in edgewood. it was in the 1300 block of gold meadow way. the 2-year-old girl was of the hospital. her condition is not met. >> a woman tonight said three men posing as water department workers injured an elderly woman's home. she was not hurt and no property was taken. investigators believed they were casing her home for valuable than planned to return later. residents are urged to ask for
'malley. baltimore city continued to replenish the sand piles here because people is taking advantage of the time to get ready for hurricane sandy. people were in full blown apparent this mode saturday. at delta but, some businesses were boarded up and send back for placed -- at fells point, some businesses were boarded up and sandbags were placed. >> i do not think it will be bad but to be on the seaside, that is what i'm getting sand. >> when the rain began sunday, employees will put them around inside because here flood waters after travel under the pier and up through the source system. >> we are kind of scared. i am ready to get anything that comes your >> grocery and supplies stores like target experienced another busy day. >> almost like a black friday tight day after thanksgiving atmosphere. workers were busy restocking bread and canned food. >> we are getting replenishment trucks after night -- after the stores close tonight. we will be getting a dozen of our key items tonight such as water and more batteries. >> if you live in low-lying areas of baltimore city and have not gotten your s
city. >> is bad enough he got into the victim's home without them knowing it, but police have no idea how we got inside, repeatedly, after several months. you can clearly make of the suspects face as he is setting up a hidden camera in the victim's bed room while they were not home. the female roommates are in their 20's and live on montgomery run road. installed a hidden camera in both of their bedrooms. >> he re-entered department multiple times, repositioning the camera, and each time, capturing his own image on video. >> i have a daughter with me. is kind of creepy. >> it is kind of scary, actually. i had no idea that was going on. >> one of the victims discover the camera hidden her closet and immediately called police. what is more concerning is that no one knows how this man ended up in their home. police said they never found any sign of forced entry. brett favre investigators have done quite a bit of research into recent contractors, maintenance workers in that area. so far, -- so far investigators have done quite a bit of research. >> if someone were to have broken in withou
, city leaders are talking about the progress being made in the work left to do. bill live at of the news room with the latest. >> two parents and five children died when their home was firebombed. the home has been transformed into a safe haven aimed at steering children in the right direction. please pardon our technical difficulties. tonight there was a vigil held on the site where the boston family -- the dawson family home was firebombed. one arsonist is now serving life in a federal prison for that crime. the city established a safe haven on that side. right now, 45 kids are mentored after school every day and we are told it is made a dramatic difference. their academic performance as well as putting them on the right track outside the classroom. >> thank you. ahead, changes are coming to social security payments. what to expect the the the coming months. >> an earthquake in new england tonight. details on where it struck. >> a couple welcome to another job to the family. but volume a mistake the father for a grandfather. >> -- why you may mistake the father for a grandfather. >> to
>> we are following some breaking news in the city tonight with reports of a police involved shooting near park heights avenue. the 11 news reporter is on the scene tonight with the late breaking details. >> the suspect is in the hospital listed in stable but critical condition. they've held up not too long ago and there is another mobile detective unit. police officers heard gunshots the hyde park heights earlier this evening around 9:00 tonight. when they got to this area, they found a suspect running from that location. the man fired at police and officers returned fire, hitting the suspect in the arm and upper body area. no officers were injured as they rushed back for non-life- threatening injuries. dodge the police recovered a gun from the scene and homicide detectives are putting the pieces together. the suspect as a non-life- threatening injury. >> police officers are still in the area. reporting live in northwest baltimore. >> police are looking for a man they say sexually assaulting a college student monday around 3:00 a.m. on the campus of notre dame of maryland. w
verdict means mix emotions for the city attorney progress we believe that the citizens of prince george's county have spoken loudly and clearly. although we appreciate and honor the protection that is provided to us, that protection must be reasonable and that protection must respect the dignity of every human being in this community. >> i am definitely glad that some justice has been done today. it has been a long two years for me and my family. but there is a broader crime committed here and it spans way further than the two cops in this trial. we hope that the department of justice continues their investigation. >> sentencing for harrison is scheduled for december 14. he could face 10 years in prison. as for officer baker's future with the prince george's county police department, that is unclear. either way, both officers are still officially suspended. live in prince george's county, wbal 11 news. >> a stormy start to the weekend for many in our viewing area. we were on the airline as baltimore and hartford counties were under tornado warnings earlier this evening. the rain came do
and systems on our website, click on medical alert. >> a hearing at city hall to determine whether restaurants and bars will have to post grades signed by the health department. the measure has the full support of the city council. scott love with the idea after receiving a number of health complaints from constituents. a reason trip to north carolina were grades were clearly visible at restaurants. >> there is no way right now for someone unless the call the health department to find out what the results of the last health inspection at that plays were. that is not acceptable. >> some area restaurant owners opposed the measure, the current system is fine the way it is. >> here at 11 insta weather was forecast. >> a warm and muggy mother pattern. still generating showers. more rain coming up from the deep south. making steady progress north. anybody from southern new england to the mid atlantic giving with the least some scattered shower activity. not a lot to measure as far as the rain fall total . even with the clouds and showers, it was much warmer than normal. third day of octo
elected officials who had a lot to say about the impact the mitchell family has had on the city, state and the country. >> clarence was a great person. >> the proof is in the pews in the hundreds that came to remember clarence mitchell iii >> we love you and thank you for lifting us up. >> as much as a testament to his legacy, the service for the civil rights leader was a celebration. >> a celebration of public service to challenge the next generation to give of themselves to public service. >> mitchell was 22 when he was first elected. one of the youngest in the country. throughout his career, he had a list of accomplishments. >> the first public accommodations bill, fighting to get abatement out of our neighborhoods, establishing the first office of minority business. >> those victories were front and center at the memorial service could have doubled as a who's who of maryland democrats. many elected officials acknowledging that he was a fighter to help them get where they are today. >> we are the senator's legacy. >> he not only made it possible for us to dream, but he made our drea
represented here in new york city from orioles fans. we had a chance to catch up with a bunch of them today. >> he mentioned what an emotional roller-coaster it has been out here and at yankee stadium. we have the heartbreaking loss in game 3 that they got a little hope -- then we got a little hope. tonight, another heart for a loss. i talked to a lot of orioles fans. it is a very brave and into -- thing to do to come out to the yankees stadium and root for the orioles. each one of them tell me what they are upset, they are not going to detroit, they're still proud of their team. >> it is in 15 years. i could not miss this game. it was so much promise, so much hope before game 5 of the alds. got to sense something special happened. o's.t's go he knew i had my 2012 postseason sweatshirt on. i am ready to go. i'm so excited. >> all good things must come to an end. the o's suffered a painful 3-1 loss in a game so full of opportunities. >> they could not get it done. then adam jones, he could not get it done. >> i am sorry, we had a little problem with the audio there but you got the sense from
released. detectives are scouring the city and their search for a missing 12-year-old girl. she never made it home from school on thursday. was last seen around 1500 block of woodland heights avenue. and she4'9" inche stall, was wearing a yellow, hooded sweatshirt, a navy blue shirt and khaki pants. we will continue to monitor the search. in the fight to end homelessness, baltimore is pulling out all the stops. in this year's journey home g ala, city officials put together an event geared towards educating people about homelessness and mobilizing them to do something about it. guests will -- were guided through an imaginary street where they learn what causes people to live on the streets and what can be done. wbal-tv it is joining in the effort. this year organizers are trying to understand the new trend -- more families are becoming less. ." >> that is part of what we are trying to address --family homelessness is a new phenomenon. it needs new types of solutions. these are the kinds of things we are trying to get our arms around. >> one way they are doing that. one lucky family will get
suffered a concussion. all of the redskins said is that griffin was shaken up. in kansas city, quarterback matt cassel also suffered a concussion. after the game, starting tackle eric winston called out the fans who actually cheered when cassel left the game with an injury. for the steelers, who got a big win today against the eagles, they have a short week to turn it around on a thursday night and they are missing possibly two of their starting defense players, troy polamalu who returned from an aggravated calf injury and returned from that injury today and lamarr woodley suffered a hamstring injury, the outside linebacker. >> folks, get the latest nfl news and information from mike florio all week long by tuning into the all new pro football talk which airs tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. and every weekday on the nbc sports network. al and cris back to wrap things up from new orleans after this. . uuuhhh! leave ordinary behind with wendy's new bacon portabella melt. applewood smoked bacon, rich portabellas in a melty cheddar sauce. unleashing the power of the melt. that's wendy's way. now that's b
hitting john murphy in the shoulder and arm. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. city police say the victim who was fatally shot in the head was a 16-year-old girl. she was killed last night just before 10:00 p.m. in the 6200 block. no arrests have been made in this case. state police are investigating skeletal remains found in westminster. someone noticed a human bone in the 500 block of baltimore boulevard sunday afternoon. a search revealed additional remains. investigators are not able to identify the remains but state medical examiner's confirmed the are of a male. anyone with intermission is urged to call for 10-36-3000. >> the good samaritan is dead tonight after coming to the aid of a driver in connecticut. richard herren fell to his death after jumping over the side of me highway. he was trying to approach -- avoid the approach of a tractor- trailer and did not realize there was a large drop. he had stopped to help the driver who lost control of her a suv. she suffered minor injuries. that incident is still under investigation. >> next, which two companies are being
of your eventually. so cold in the northern rockies. 75 in kansas city. for -- will the front porch sandy further out to shore? sandy getting into the bahamas in southern florida. this article march east. sandy will come north. will the front ticket out or -- kick it out or observed -- ab sorb the front? sandy is now between jamaica and south of cuba. looks like it was a storm hit their of the eastern sections of jamaica. easton to extend earlier this afternoon. the storm is getting stronger, unfortunately. winds up to 90 miles an hour. it gets up to 96 degrees, it would be a category 2 hurricane. vickers towards bermuda -- it curves towards permit and maybe back to the northwest. maybe the maryland delaware coastal areas. the european model shows the storm moving from just off cape hatteras sunday afternoon or evening up towards the delaware bay monday afternoon or evening. that would be nasty scenario for us with heavy rain and wind followed by a blast of cold. we have to watch for early next week69-74 tomorrow after the morning fog burns off. western maryland mountains, temperatures wi
killed. they will be memorialized on thursday. the grandmother of's husband is in serious condition. city firefighters reached out to residents as a minor to install smoke detectors and make sure that they work. it is also important that the practice home escape plans. >> our hope is that most people will come to be mindful of the basic fire safety practices that they conduct in their homes to change some of those things. running extension cords one cord to another. that is a potential fire hazard. leaving appliances plugged in. leaving the food on the stove or improperly disposing of smug material. changing those behaviors will lead to a reduction in the amount of home fires and lives lost due to home fires. >> anyone who does that have a smoke alarm should call 311 for a free one. thieves are stealing social security checks by rerouting direct deposit payments. current policy makes it easy for skimmers to steal checks. these are getting checks deposited to their own accounts by supplying a social security number and birth dates. they want to notify seniors. >> there are lots of ways to
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